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Body Restoration Technique™ (BRT) is a non-invasive method of locating and removing energy blockages in the body. These energy blockages lead to loss of health. BRT does not diagnose or treat disease or symptoms. Rather the goal of BRT is to deal with the underlying CAUSE of the problem, and not the SYMPTOM. Most traditional medical practitioners provide treatment for symptoms only. In BRT, the symptom is used as the guide to locate and correct the corresponding energy blockage(s) associated with your complaint.

Gray's Anatomy states that "all intrinsic functions within the human body are coordinated and controlled by the nervous system." The real question is "since we know the body is capable of healing itself, WHY would the body malfunction at all? While it is true that the body has remarkable recuperative power, it is also true that the body reacts in certain ways to certain circumstances, regardless of the consequence. For example, when a part of the body is repetitively stressed in certain ways, the body will deposit calcium around the affected joint to "help" stabilize it. This is the mechanism of many early arthritic changes. Another example would be someone who takes calcium supplements. If the adrenals and parathyroid gland are unable to process the calcium correctly, serious side effects may develop such as plaquing in the arteries, cataracts, heel spurs, etc. In both of these examples, the body is responding in the only way it knows how. It makes no judgements as to whether these responses are "good" or "bad."

Things such as stress and environmental factors (known as endocrine disruptors) play an important role in developing these energy blockages in the body. Endocrine disruptors include estradiol (in Hormone Replacement Therapy and Birth Control Pills), pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium), plastics and many others. These ED's, as they are called, wreak havoc in the body. They can simulate natural hormones once inside the body and literally prevent the body from communicating with its own natural hormones. This creates a great deal of confusion in the system. The body loses its ability to communicate internally. The result is that the nervous system can no longer guide the body to respond to certain stimuli appropriately. Once the body's natural responses are shut down, disease processes are free to develop because the body cannot interpret the signals correctly. In other words, the body has lost its inherent power to heal naturally.

With BRT, Dr. May can assess where these blockages may be present through the use of Muscle Response Testing (MRT). MRT is one of the cornerstones of Applied Kinesiology. During BRT treatments, certain Body Reflex Points are stimulated on the skin with light touch. These reflex points are very similar to acupressure points. Through a series of gentle tapping maneuvers down the spine along with some specific breathing patterns, Dr. May is able to stimulate the body to naturally remove these energy blockages. Treatments are fast, safe and non-invasive. There is no specialized equipment necessary. All treatments are done by hand and may be performed seated or standing. Imagine...a therapy with no drugs, surgery or needles that actually works! That's the beauty of BRT.

Body Restoration Technique™ helps remove energy blockages within the body. Correlations between these energetic responses and actual physical health are not fully established. For diagnosis and treatment of specific medical conditions, please see your family physician.

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