What is involved in a BRT treatment?

The real beauty of BRT is the ease of treatment and the speed of the response. No specialized equipment (special tables, machines, electrodes, needles, etc.) is required to perform a BRT treatment. BRT can be performed either seated or standing. The treatment begins with MRT to determine the energy blockage to be treated. We then stimulate the autonomic nervous system by “tapping” along the spine by hand. Corrections are determined by utilizing eight specific finger positions. These finger positions each represent a different level of correction within the body and are a mainstay of many holistic healing professions with roots in ancient Chinese medicine. These energy blockages may be present at the tissue level, the cellular level, the DNA level, the subatomic level or at the level of the twelve meridians. BRT will help find and correct the problem at whatever level it exists. Treatments are fast, non-invasive and pain-free. No needles are required to stimulate the various reflex points. If pain is your primary SYMPTOM, many clients experience a dramatic improvement immediately following the treatment. For deeper problems, the response will be quick, but perhaps not as quick as for those suffering from pain syndromes.