Is BRT based on accepted scientific principles?

Absolutely. According to Gray's Anatomy, the nervous system “coordinates and controls every function within the human body”. There are two major parts of the nervous system; the Somatic (the portion under our conscious control) and the Autonomic (the portion that controls functions we are unconscious of). The autonomic system controls things like heart rate, blood pressure, hormone production and release from the glands, etc. It allows you to breathe, to swallow, blink your eyes and many other things all without thinking about it. BRT has a way of communicating with the autonomic system. We use Muscle Response Testing (MRT ), similar to the manual muscle testing utilized in Applied Kinesiology. Since the body is an energetic system it stands to reason that a functional organ/gland/nervous system connection would be strong when challenged. By using MRT we can detect the specific communication blockages related to a client's symptoms. The affected pathway, when muscle-tested, shows up as a significant weakness. After a BRT correction is performed, the practitioner can go back and re-test the pathway using MRT. When the energy blockage has been cleared, the muscle test will become strong.